EEA Grants


Title: Supporting Employment Platform through Apprenticeship Learning  –SEPAL

—Number: 2017-1-058


  • Romania – Bucovina Institute – Leader;
  • Poland – KLOS;
  • Greece  – KOISPE
  • Spain – Pere Closa;
  • ZSIP – Lithuania.

Description: This project application proposes a new and innovative approach as wel as practical solutions to combat unemployment of young people and facilitate their insertion on the labor market. We will develop an innovative model to evaluate pre-existing competencies and create new competencies through work experience by offering apprenticeship and on the job training to young NEETs with low level of employability. We will target 300 NEETs 24-29 with disabilities, Roma, migrants, low skilled and drop out of schools from 5 EU countries. To achieve
results we will use the WISE and LSC model offering apprenticeship and support services to combat social exclusion of unemployed NEETs based on a transnational partnership.

Outputs: training of 15 NEETs educators and mentors, Training of 25 LSC to support employability of NEETs, on-line platform to facilitate access of socially excluded NEETs, an innovative methodological approach including WISE and LSC concepts, Apprenticeship Book to adopt apprenticeship services using WISE, Work based Training Book to adopt on the job training services in private sector, SEPAL White book – model of intervention to improve NEETs employment, Build a SEPAL Coalition – to improve partners capacity to assist NEETs integration on labor markets. Final beneficiaries are 300 NEETs with minimum 6 months work based learning experience within 4 months apprenticeship in social enterprises and 2 months internship in private enterprises that will receive certificate of vocational competencies, and new relevant competencies to obtain jobs within private sector.

The model should be experimented with co finance from the enterprises and labor office with possibility to have reserved contract from the public authorities as a result of lobby and advocacy within LSC. The WISE will be accredited on the first year for minimum 3 years and will have access to the subsidies from labor office in offering support services and technical assistance for the function of LSC.