Proiect Ecouri

Title: ECOURI (ECHOES) – Innovative measures of social economic development based on competitive advantages in Maramures and Bucovina

Number: POSDRU/173/6.1/S/146911

Period of implementation: 12 months (21 January 2015 – 31 December 2015)


1. KELSEN Association (Baia Mare, Romania) – coordinator

2. Center of Excellence for Community Resources SRL (Baia Mare, Romania)

3. POL Succes SRL (Baia Mare)

4. Association for Community Development Consultants-ACDC (Suceava county, Romania)

5. Association “Institute for Social Partnership Bucovina” (Suceava, Romania)

6. KULT-ART Association (Suceava, Romania)

7. Confederation of European Firms, Employment Initiatives and Cooperatives (CEFEC)

General objective: the development of social economy in Bucovina and Maramures by setting up six social enterprises as flexible and sustainable instruments for economic development of the North West and North East regions, the integration and reintegration into the labor market of people at risk of social exclusion focusing on Roma, people with disabilities and women.

Specific objectives:

OS1 Providing support programs for employment for 300 people who want to develop their professional profile and personal abilities for their placement on the labor market or proving activities in the area of social economy.

OS2 Developing competencies and professional skills of 120 people through participation in 6 authorized trainings and certifying their knowledge for minimum 108 persons.

OS3 Developing competencies and skills in social economy of 36 people employed in the 6 structures of social economy through visits / exchanges of best practices in the EU

OS4  Creating and developing 6 social economy structures by employing 36 people from the target group of which 24 person (66.66%) from the vulnerable group

OS5 Running a campaign to promote social economy in NW and NE in order to sensitize the community to support social economy initiatives by organizing 12  communication and promotion events

OS6 Developing competencies and skills in the field of social economy entrepreneurship through training and participation in internships in EU of 12 managers and specialists in social economy

OS7 Increasing and encouraging new groups and partnerships in social economy between EU regions and countries

Activities of the project where SFE CEFEC was involved:

A1 Project management

A2 Information and publicity

A3 Campaign for promoting social economy

A5.3 Information and counseling in the field of social economy: SFE CEFEC will be invited to participate in the training on social economy

A6.2.7 Internships in social economy in EU at economic agents that have the same profile as the Social Economy Structure (SES) developed in the project: tourism agency, handicrafts center, typography,  packaging

A7.4 Signing partnerships between the new SES created and other community actors from EU

A7.5 Organizing a study visit in EU at different structures of social economy

A7.6 Developing a comparative study concerning initiatives in social economy in Romania and EU

A7.9 Activities of marketing and promotion of products and services developed by the Social Economy Structures