CEFEC conferences (2012-2017):

Past CEFEC conferences (1988-2012):

20th – 22nd September 2012
25th Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference, Suceava, Romania
Social Economy, Trend or Reality

5th – 7th October 2011
24th Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference, Merano Italy
“Work, Dignity and Social Responsibility” The Mission of Social Firms.

30th June – 3rd July 2010
23rd Social Firms Europe CEFEC Conference, Cambridge UK
“Harnessing the power of business to change lives.”

10th – 12th September 2009
22th CEFEC Conference, Prague, Czech Republic
“Social Firms – A New Dimension of Enterprise”

26th – 28th June 2008
21st CEFEC Conference, Lisbon, Portugal
“Social Firms, Employment and Quality of Life: Common Strategies for Social Inclusion in Europe”

11th – 13th October 2007
20th CEFEC Conference, Linz, Austria
“New Work – new culture the future of the world of work”

19th -21st October 2006
19th CEFEC Conference, Seville, Spain
“The Social Economy and Employment of people with mental health problems”

8th -10th September 2005
18th CEFEC Conference, Novo mesto, Slovenia
“Social Economy – Innovative Approaches to Employment”

30th September – 2nd October 2004
17th CEFEC Conference, Thun, Switzerland
“Social Firms – The Challenge of Ethical Business”

October 2003
16th CEFEC Conference, Athens, Greece
“Social Economy, European Social Firms-Cooperatives What-How-Why”

June 2002
15th CEFEC Conference, Guilford, UK
“Social Firm Networking and Development”

September 2001
14th CEFEC Conference, Berlin, Germany
“Develop Social Entrepreneurship in Europe”

June 2000
13th CEFEC Conference, Lisbon, Portugal
“Equality of opportunities in access to employment and citizenship”

June 1999
12th CEFEC Conference, Helsinki, Finland
“Potency of Social Firms and Networks”

September 1998
11th CEFEC Conference, Athens, Greece
“The Reality in Social Firms and Cooperatives: an employee’s perspective”

October 1997
10th CEFEC Conference, Zaragosa, Spain
“Looking back to move ahead”

October 1996
9th CEFEC Conference, Linz, Austria

October 1995
8th CEFEC Conference, Turin, Italy

October 1994
7th CEFEC Conference, Spa, Belgium

6th CEFEC Conference, Northern Ireland

5th CEFEC Conference, Delphi, Greece

4th CEFEC Conference, Southampton, England

3rd CEFEC Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands

2nd CEFEC Conference, Torino, Italy

1st CEFEC Conference, Berlin, Germany